It all started in Italy, not far from the warm sea, near the legendary Naples. It was there, a long time ago, that Dalí, the chef of "Ital'yets" grew up as a little boy in a family that loved cooking.

The aromas and flavors of meat, sausages, spices, olive oil, and Parmesan created a love for tasty food in the boy's heart. And the large family table where friends and family gathered instilled a love for generous feasting for any guests.

As a teenager, instead of entertainment, Dalí chose to help in the kitchen and whenever possible tried to learn how to cook dishes as delicious as his mother's lasagna, frittata, and pizza.

But his taste developed the most when the family moved far to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea – to Beirut, Lebanon. It was a whole new world of new ingredients and recipes! Beirut became a new page in the young chef's own history. There, Dalí learned about the magic of spices, revealed the secret of the most delicious kebab on earth, and realized that he could transform this world for the better with his dishes.

... Many years have passed since the days of the family kitchen in southern Italy. Moving to Kyiv, Chef Dalí was pleasantly surprised to find that sincerity and hospitality were valued here alongside the chef's craftsmanship. He saw the satisfied faces of guests who enjoyed both his favorite cuisines - Italian and Lebanese... It became a true passion for Dalí and the concept of "Ital'yets from Beirut."

So.. welcome home!
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